The NZAC Code of Ethics currently states "Counsellors shall not solicit testimonials from current or former clients".  A review of this has been requested, and I'm hopeful this will occur by the end of 2017. 

The feedback below has been provided spontaneously (by email, text or verbally) since a request was submitted for a review of the abovementioned clause.  I hope to be able to publish previously asked-for feedback in the future, of which there is a significant amount.

August 2017
  • It’s been great to talk about the issues that were beneath the surface.
  • You’ve literally changed our lives.
  • Your suggestion to support and not judge was very powerful. 
  • Counselling with you is a good reminder of what I need to do for myself.
  • I have really enjoyed our time and got a lot out of it. I think you’re a great counsellor with a lot to offer.
  • This was so much better than I expected. I thought I was going to have a whole lot of jargon thrown at me.
July 2017
  • We’ve come a long way in the last few weeks. We used to have a blowout every week.
  • Thank you for everything. You are an angel and I’ve appreciated and am very grateful for the help you gave...and the hugs.
  • I want to thank you immensely, your advice has been priceless.
June 2017
  • This has been a real learning experience for me.
  • You’re exactly right - my expectations are sometimes unrealistic.
  • I almost didn’t come; wanted to go home and cry. I’m glad I came. I feel better.
  • Seeing you gives me courage.
  • That’s a really useful question.
May 2017
  • This is really helpful. I’m telling others about you.
  • All the little things we talked about last week are already making a difference. My wife has noticed a difference.
  • Getting techniques to work with is very helpful, rather than just talking.
  • That was very helpful. You’ve given me a lot to think about.
  • I would like to thank you for last night’s appointment. I felt lighter and brighter after it and start today with my self care homework. Look forward to seeing you again next month.
  • I find this so helpful. I am learning so much about my wife [married over 30 years].
  • You're the best EAP counsellor I have seen out of four.
  • Thank you once again for seeing me today. You are amazing and like I said before, the best experience I have had with a Counsellor.
  • It was very helpful talking to you today.