1. 1 Helplines in New Zealand
  2. 2 Therapeutic Resources in Auckland, New Zealand
    1. 2.1 Addiction help - private, (user-pays)
    2. 2.2 Agnès Sigley 
    3. 2.3 Allison Fisher
    4. 2.4 Andy McCormack
    5. 2.5 Anna de Valk
    6. 2.6 Anne Kemps
    7. 2.7 Annette Davison
    8. 2.8 Anxiety New Zealand Trust
    9. 2.9 Autism Resources
    10. 2.10 Bronwyn Burrowes
    11. 2.11 Carmen Goodwin
    12. 2.12 Caroline Stronge
    13. 2.13 Chris Caruana
    14. 2.14 Dave McMillan
    15. 2.15 David Holden
    16. 2.16 Debbie Fernandez
    17. 2.17 Diane Levy
    18. 2.18 Edit Hovarth, Active SexLife Solutions
    19. 2.19 Ellerslie Osteopaths
    20. 2.20 Ellie Hancock
    21. 2.21 Grief Resources
    22. 2.22 Hearts & Minds
    23. 2.23 Helen Huston
    24. 2.24 Holding Our Own
    25. 2.25 Holistic Medical Centre
    26. 2.26 Jacky Abbott
    27. 2.27 Jacqui Olliver
    28. 2.28 Jann McMichael
    29. 2.29 Kimberlee Sweeney
    30. 2.30 Dr Kirsty Agar-Jacomb
    31. 2.31 Lisa Fitzgibbon
    32. 2.32 Megan Downer
    33. 2.33 Michelle Buchanan
    34. 2.34 Minh Truong-George
    35. 2.35 Kingsland Osteopaths
    36. 2.36 Nicola Lincoln
    37. 2.37 Rachel Stichbury
    38. 2.38 Rebalance Clinic
    39. 2.39 Renate Barrack - Aroha Equine
    40. 2.40 Rob Hunter
    41. 2.41 Roberta Stuart
    42. 2.42 Sarah Penwarden
    43. 2.43 Speech therapy primarily for children
    44. 2.44 Steven Dromgool
    45. 2.45 Susan Goldstiver
    46. 2.46 Vic Jones
    47. 2.47 Viola Beintken
    48. 2.48 Dr Vitalis Acupuncture
    49. 2.49 Wendy Norman
  3. 3 Therapeutic Resources in Waikato, New Zealand
    1. 3.1 Jackie White
    2. 3.2 Maria Reynolds
    3. 3.3 Robert Jenkinson
  4. 4 Therapeutic Resources in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
    1. 4.1 Claire Cornwell
    2. 4.2 Debbie Penlington
    3. 4.3 Georgia Meichtry
    4. 4.4 Tracy Kidd
  5. 5 Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
    1. 5.1 Sharon Elsworth
  6. 6 Wellington, New Zealand
    1. 6.1 Annette Burrell, Accredited Journey Practitioner
    2. 6.2 Choice Life Consulting
    3. 6.3 WellElder, Wellington
  7. 7 South Island
    1. 7.1 Megan Lindsay
  8. 8 National & International
    1. 8.1 Breathing Works
    2. 8.2 Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O.
    3. 8.3 Purple Sapphire
  9. 9 Skype practitioners
The resource list below encompasses a range of services that are not provided by me. They are listed as an option for you to explore for yourself if they resonate with you. Please see their listing and websites (if applicable) for more information.

For information on free/funded help in Auckland and New Zealand, check out this page.

For information on subsidised counselling available through newly graduated and student counsellors, please click here.

Helplines in New Zealand

  • Alcohol Drug Association | 0800 787 797
  • Alcoholics Anonymous | 0800 229 6757
  • Alcohol Hotline | 0800 787 797
  • Anxiety Helpline | 0800 269 4389
  • Barnados | 0800 227 627
  • Casper Suicide Prevention | 0508 227 737
  • Depression Helpline | 0800 111 757 | available 24/7
  • Earthquake Support Line | 0800 777 846 | available 24/7
  • Lifeline | 0800 543 354 | available 24/7
  • Gambling Helpline Service | 0800 654 655
  • Kidsline | 0800 543 754 | available 24/7
  • Mental Health Crisis Team & other options | find your number here
  • Need to Talk? | call or text 1737 | 0800 1737 1737
  • Outline | 0800 802 437 | gay, lesbian, transgender support
  • Rainbow Youth | 09 376 4155, 10am-5pm Mon-Fri
  • Samaritans | 0800 726 666 | available 24/7
  • Sexual Assault/Abuse Help | 09 623 1700 | available 24/7
  • Sexual Harm Helpline/Safe to Talk | 0800 044 334 | text 4334, chat online | available 24/7
  • Suicide Crisis Helpline | 0508 828 865 | available 24/7
  • The Lowdown | 0800 111 757 | free text 5626
  • What's Up (age 5-18) | 0800 WHATSUP (0800 942 878) | available 1pm-1am daily)
  • Women's Refuge | 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843 | available 24/7
  • Youthline (under 25) | 0800 376 633 | text 234 (free) | chat online 7pm-11pm

Therapeutic Resources in Auckland, New Zealand

Addiction help - private, (user-pays)

  • Augustus Clinic is a leading provider of drug and alcohol treatment based in Parnell only a few minutes away from central Auckland. We offer a comfortable and discreet environment for our clients to work through their alcohol or drug use issues. This is achieved by one on one appointment’s where privacy and time for you is guaranteed. Our appointment times are flexible to work around your schedule and commitments.
  • Making your first appointment at Augustus Clinic will be an investment in the rest of your life. We will provide you with the tools to combat your addiction and live a life free from alcohol and drug addiction. Utilising the latest psychology and counselling techniques Augustus Clinic will support and nurture you through your journey to sobriety and abstinence.
  • With over 15 years experience in the field of alcoholism and addiction Grant Foster will work with you to achieve this. Through one on one counselling Grant will enable you to experience a freedom that is not available to us when we are in the grips of addiction. Augustus Clinic programmes will fast track you to a life free from mind or mood altering substances.
  • | | contact Augustus Clinic in confidence on 021 959 202 | based in Parnell

Agnès Sigley 

Counsellor, Family Therapist & Arts therapist
MNZAC - NZAFT - CTAA (chair)
ACC Sensitive Claims

  • Agnès is an experienced Counsellor, Family Therapist and Arts Therapist for children, youth and adults.
  • She works especially with issues related to relationship, anxiety, grief, depression and trauma. 
  • A warm and intuitive person, she likes to address issues holistically with respect for individual’s needs and pace. 
  • Within an overall person-centred and humanistic approach, Agnès uses a variety of therapeutic modalities, such as: 
    • Mindfulness, Systemic, Psychosomatic Integration, Expressive Arts and Sandplay Therapy.
  • Fluent in English and French (her country of origin), she also welcomes the opportunity to work with people from different cultural background.
  • Areas she works in:
    • In private practice and contracting for EAP & OCP
    • Supervisor of NTEC counselling Students
    • The Parenting Place.
  • Agnès is a published author, and delivers research at international conferences.
  • | | ph 027 642 2064 | based at Youthline House, 13 Maidstone Street, Grey Lynn/Ponsonby

Allison Fisher

Career & Life Coach

  • Allison works with adults and teenagers assisting them to find a path that is right for them. 
  • Coaching services include - teen school subject choices, assessment and selection of career path post school and for students at university needing to clarify their study choices. For adults, advice on career management and strategies, finding the ideal career path, CV development, coaching, clarity and support on life issues.
  • Allison is an ex teacher, worked in Human Resources for 14 years and for the last 8 years worked as a Coach.
  • | | ph 09 523 3785 | 027 248 1457 | based in Remuera

Andy McCormack

Counsellor, Life Coach, Career Coach | BA(Hons), Business Studies, Post Grad Dip (Counselling), MNZAC

  • Andy provides support and guidance through counselling, career coaching and general life coaching. He provides a safe, non-judgemental and professional service, working with you to explore your own personal world - looking at the past, reviewing the present and moving forward into the future.
  • | | ph 09 379 1104 | mob 021 537 649 | based in Takapuna & Grey Lynn

Anna de Valk

Career, Life and Leadership Coach

  • Anna works with motivated people who wish to develop personally and professionally in order to achieve career and life success. 
  • In a non-judgemental, supportive environment, Anna offers the opportunity to gain insight and awareness around your thoughts, perceptions and behaviours and make life-enhancing changes. 
  • A credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), Anna also trains new coaches. 
  • Anna is a Psych-K facilitator and a Multiple Brain Integration coach. 
  • Based in Pukekohe, South Auckland, services are available for clients throughout New Zealand and internationally - in person, by telephone or via Skype. 
  • | | ph +6427 279 8724

Anne Kemps

Counsellor | BCouns, MNZCCA

  • I am an ICEEFT Certified Emotionally Focussed Therapist (EFT) and enjoy working with couples. 
  • EFT is a non-blaming way of working that enables couples to safely venture into places in their relationship that have been out of bounds, sometimes for some time. New levels of understanding and connection emerge resulting in a fresh realness and intimacy in the relationship. 
  • I also work with individuals with issues of depression, anxiety, anger, grief, and shame.
  • | | ph 027 482 3321 | based in Epsom

Annette Davison

Psychosynthesis Counsellor | MNZAC, ACC registered

  • I have an intuitive and practical approach to supporting clients, through the exploration of behaviours and beliefs that limit living a fulfilling life. 
  • As we work together your self-awareness, understanding and compassion will grow, leading to the achievement of sustainable change and a more enriched life.
  • | ph 021 176 2371 | located in Remuera

Anxiety New Zealand Trust

  • Anxiety New Zealand offers specialist treatment, support & education for anxiety, phobias, OCD, depression & related conditions:
    • agoraphobia
    • social phobia
    • generalised anxiety disorder
    • mono or specific phobias
    • panic disorder
    • depression/mood disorer
    • obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
    • body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)
    • impulse control disorders
    • post traumatic stress disorder
  • We have a specialist clinic based in St Lukes, where we work with mild to severe anxiety disorders, depression, alcohol & substance abuse. We treat children, adolescents, adults & provide support for families.
  • You may qualify for WINZ support/funding if you fit the following criteria:
    • you are a working, low income earner
    • you are on a benefit
    • you are unemployed
    • you are on a pension
    • you are on a government subsidy
    • you are a student
  • Clinic hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 8.30am-5.00pm
  • | ph 0800 269 4389, 24/7 | | 77 Morningside Drive, St Lukes, Auckland | ph 09 846 9776

Autism Resources

The following resources are available for those who have autism as part of their lives:

Bronwyn Burrowes

BA Couns, Personal Development Educator, Certified Brené Brown The Daring Way™ Facilitator

  • As a personal development educator, I am interested in seeing people live lives they feel proud of, and to learn how to better know themselves, trust themselves and be true to themselves. 
  • To do this I trained in the work of Dr Brené Brown and her wok on authenticity, vulnerability and wholehearted living. 
  • I offer workshops that help people gain control of unhelpful life patterns and learn how stop worrying about what others think, feeling more confident in who they are and what they have to offer. 
  • I have experienced what it's like to think you just don’t quite measure up or have enough to offer, or spend your time constantly comparing yourself to others. I’m thrilled to be able to offer the tools and skills I have learned along the way that helped me step out of my rut and into a life I feel proud of. 
  •  | 

Carmen Goodwin

Massage Therapist

  • Carmen Goodwin trained in the UK , graduating in May 2000. She is originally from Germany, but has lived in the UK for more than a decade, interspersed with stints in other countries before moving to New Zealand with her Kiwi husband in 2005.
  • Massage is the tool which has enabled me to become (and remain ! ):
    • a runner, when I couldn’t walk a mile
    • an optimist , when all else failed
    • a sponge for associated knowledge, when the results just kept on coming.
  • Massage is not really much about talking: Just try it !
  • Carmen Goodwin – Massage therapist and founder of Auckland Therapeutic Massage
  • Auckland Therapeutic Massage as featured in the New Zealand Herald on Sunday.
  • | ph 09 377 5377 | Level 9, 12 Swanson Street, Auckland CBD | online booking available

Caroline Stronge

Dips Psychosynthesis Counselling and Psychotherapy, MNZAP, PBANZ Registered, MPAnzA, ACC Registered Psychotherapist

  • I am a trained Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist and Counsellor working with adults on a one-to-one basis in my private practice in Sunnyhills/Pakuranga. 
  • can assist you in a safe and professional setting to gently explore the issues which are bringing you to counselling, encouraging you to feel more connected to life and self, and helping you to be more focused, decisive, energised and resourceful. 
  • I hold a strong respect for cultural, spiritual and systemic (family) factors that impact on a person’s lived experience. 
  •  My aim is to work in an empathic and collaborative way, and to provide a safe, holding and supportive environment where you can work through difficulties and overcome what keeps you from living life to your full potential.
  • | | ph 021 940 040 | based in Pakuranga, Auckland

Chris Caruana

Couples Counsellor | MNZAC, MCouns, DipPsychCouns, BA, PGDipTchg

  • I have worked extensively with couples, families and adolescence in a variety of settings including private practice, secondary schools and NGOs. 
  • I am very comfortable dealing and managing issues such as; relationship difficulties, betrayal, conflict, separation, depression, anger, crises, anxiety, lack of communication and resignation within relationship.
  • Formal counselling training consists of a Masters Degree in Counselling (Narrative Therapy) from the University of Waikato and a Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling (NZQA). I have a Bachelors of Arts Degree majoring in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma of Teaching. 
  • I have had extensive professional training and a strong interest in couples and family counselling, mediation and restorative practices. 
  • I have been a full member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC) for 20 years.
  • | 027 318 7593 | based in Mission Bay, Auckland

Dave McMillan

Counsellor for people with Aspergers or Autism and their families | BA, MCounselling(Hons), PGDipCounselling, GradDip(Psychotherapy), DipTeaching

  • I provide counselling for people with Asperger’s or Autism and their families. I am an experienced school counsellor at a high school during the day and only see private clients after 4pm. I work with adults and teenagers. Some clients prefer to think of me as a coach who helps them develop the skills to cope with and overcome problems. 
  • I provide my clients with therapeutic and skills based counselling, around better managing their relationships, stress, anger, grief, ADHD, anxiety, depression, work, obsessions, addictions, school, organisational skills, memory issues or sexual behaviour. I have counselled couples where one partner has Asperger’s. I am able to provide resources of useful strategies to help cope with challenges.
  • I also provide therapeutic and behavioural counselling for families and caregivers of people Asperger’s. I support families and caregivers to identify the function of challenging behaviours and to develop strategies so those behaviours can be effectively reduced. I have presented to parents of teens with Asperger’s on bullying prevention strategies. I have worked for over 20 years as a counsellor and teacher specialising in supporting people on the Autism Spectrum.
  • davemcounselling@hotmail.com027 362 5584 | my counselling room is in Beach Haven on the North Shore, and I also see central Auckland and North Shore clients with home visits.

David Holden

Specialist Naturopath & Nutritional BioChemist | ND, MS (USA), Dip.BioChem, Dip.App.Irid, CL, HbT

  • Specialising in Naturopathic Oncology, Neurology & Endocrinology
  • 30 years of full time clinical experience - since 1986
  • David can help with all cases of cancer
  • David specialises in difficult and hard to treat cases like PD, MS & ALS
  • David often refers to other practitioners, who dovetail with his specialised skills
  • He trained in three countries, spanning 12 years, after training as a Scientist/Technician in Microbiology & Biochemistry with the National Health Institute in Wellington in the 1980s
  • If you want a scientific approach to your health, you have found it.
  • | | +64 9 282 3588 | +64 27 483 7188 | based on the North Shore of Auckland | Skype sessions available

Debbie Fernandez

Counsellor | MNZAC, BCouns

  • With over twelve years experience as a counsellor for NZ's largest nationwide provider and almost sixty years of life experience, I have worked with a diverse and multicultural clientele bringing a wide range of issues. 
  • I am able to provide you with a safe, respectful, confidential and hope filled place in which to tell your story, make sense of what is happening, work out and access what strengthens you and your relationships, gain fresh perspective and find your way through the challenges you meet.
  • | | ph 021 164 1162 | based in Ellerslie

Diane Levy

Parenting Needn’t Be Such A Hassle

  • Diane Levy is a Family Therapist who works with parents to help them to develop strategies that will help them support their children’s angry and/or upset feelings and help them manage and put boundaries around their children’s undesirable behaviours.
  • Diane believes that if we can manage our children’s challenging behaviour, we can have pleasant children whose company we can enjoy.
  • Whatever your child’s age - toddler, pre-schooler, school age, teenage or older - Diane has more than thirty years of experience at your service.
  • Books: “Of course I love you…NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM!”, “They look so lovely when they’re asleep”, “Time Out for tots, teens and everyone in between”.
  • TV series “Demons to Darlings”
  • | ph 09 575 6762 |  | based in St Heliers

Edit Hovarth, Active SexLife Solutions

MSocSci Hons Psych, COP (Sex Therapy)

  • After many years of consulting as an Organisational Psychologist, I qualified in Sex Therapy and started my private practice Active SEXLIFE Solutions. As a highly qualified specialist in human sexuality, I love helping my diverse clientele develop skills to address sexual and relationship issues and ways to maintain healthy sexuality.
  • My therapeutic services are for individuals and couples with intimacy and sexuality concerns related to sexual matters. A wide range of professionals also refer their patients to me as a complement to traditional medical treatment to help when illnesses may impact on sexuality.
  • My mission is to help all my clients through enhancing communication, relationships, intimacy and sexuality. I am inclusive and I do not discriminate regardless of age, race, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability.
  • My unique combination of organisational psychology and sex therapy enables me to assist organisations with effective staff training, practical policy and guidelines about how to deal with sexuality, sexual behaviours and intimacy in the workplace. This is particularly useful for organisations who work with vulnerable individuals and groups.
  • I work with individuals, couples, professionals - medical specialists, GPs, nurses, OTs, physios, counsellors, support workers, senior management.
  • | | ph 021 239 7946 | based in St Heliers

Ellerslie Osteopaths

  • We can take care of all your ailments and injuries. We are fully qualified and experienced in cranial osteopathy and structural osteopathic techniques and are specifically skilled to examine patients and ascertain which type of osteopathy is the appropriate treatment for you.
  • Osteopathy is best known for relief of back pain, but there are a range of problems that can be treated with thoughtful hands-on osteopathic treatment. Osteopathy improves the flow of blood though the tissues, thereby improving the physiology, improving healing and reducing pain.
  • Modern medicine has become very good at keeping people alive, but may provide less effective remedies for the 95% percent of complainants who are not dying, but are not feeling well either.
  • Osteopathy can be very useful for those complaints that are debilitating but which conventional medicine cannot treat, or as an adjunct to more serious conditions. Improving blood flow will always be helpful to your health.
  • | ph 09 525 7766 | based in Ellerslie

Ellie Hancock

Counsellor (children, adolescents, families)

  • I specialise in working with children, adolescents and young adults to develop a strong sense of self, learn skills that can be used in real-world situations as well as developing the confidence to move forward in life the way the wish. I have always been passionate about people and their stories. I am enthusiastic about supporting people to learn different ways of thinking about and dealing with problems while sparking their minds and imaginations with the skills and strengths that they hold. 
  • I love the outdoors and like to take my therapy outside, either walking, playing sports or using horses in therapy sessions. These sessions are tailored to individuals and create a unique environment and platform from which to work from. Working in such a way, I can help find ways to express and process emotions in productive and healthy ways; become assertive by developing confidence and setting boundaries and much more. My clients really enjoy the outdoor aspect and it works especially well with children and adolescents who find traditional ways of counselling confrontational.
  • TalkingWorks profile | | 022 040 2233 | | based in Remuera, St Heliers & Avondale

Grief Resources

Hearts & Minds

  • Hearts & Minds is a primary mental health provider/community development organisation with a focus on mental wellbeing, community wellbeing and diversity. Underpinning our core focus is the desire to support better outcomes for all. Our services have been designed to meet diverse needs. Whilst our services are targeted to Auckland North, Waitakere and Rodney we deliver our training and mentoring across greater Auckland.
  • Our Support Services Directory is updated regularly and contains over 400 support services you might need to create strong, healthy communities through your family or whanau, organisations and groups. It also includes a second directory dedicated to Migrant & Refugees support services.
  • Hard copies of the directory can be purchased by clicking here or by calling 09 441 8989.
  • To access the directory online, click here.

Helen Huston

Counsellor, Play Therapist, Parenting Consultant | MNZAC | B.Couns. Grad Dip CPW Child Centred Play Therapy, DipCouns, Cert Psychotherapy and Counselling

  • I am passionate about the power that healthy, loving relationship holds in enabling ones natural drive towards maturity and healthy psychosocial development, towards fulfilling ones potential and the unfolding of one's life giving uniqueness to occur. 
  • This is at the heart of all my practice and is foundational to what I believe is the key to raising resilient, content children and enjoying harmonious relationships. 
  • I believe that children's behaviours are their voice, their way of saying I need something in relationship. They are never purposefully difficult or controlling but are simply following their design of being hard wired to elicit certain relational needs to ensure their healthy development. 
  • My passion is to enable parents to read their children's behaviours and meet their needs in relationship so that the child can rest from their pursuit of attachment and be released to mature. 
  • I work through play with younger children and uses mainly Narrative therapy with older children and adolescents. 
  • I provide parenting consultation and offer play sessions to strengthen the parent-child relationship and facilitate the development of a healthy secure attachment. 
  • Based in Whangaparaoa and Orewa | | | ph 021 422 045 

Holding Our Own

Support group for parents of LBGTQ children

  • Holding Our Own is a support group for parents and family of LGBTQ Children or family members.
  • No one needs to do this alone, it is tough sometimes, some issues are difficult to manage, feelings can be all over the place, let's talk it through, let's support one another, let's make this easier for everyone.
  • We all love our children, but this can be difficult to understand, difficult to accept. Tasking helps sort out the tough stuff. No judgement, no stereotyping, just a warm conversation that helps us all grow and learn as we support each other through this moment.
  • It take a village to raise a child, come join us build our village together!
  • All contact information here

Holistic Medical Centre

  • Do you remember your family GP from twenty years ago? Your trusted family doctors who always had time to listen to your worries and concerns while addressing all your physical ailments. The family doctor knew all the children’s names and remembered that mole on your back looked different last year. You felt safe and understood and trips to the A&E were rare. We believe good family medicine here at this clinic with holistic natural options using a completely integrated approach.
  • We have been asking our patients what they want from us and holistic medicine in general and they have been happy to tell us what is important to them: 
    • Addressing the cause of illness as well as the symptoms
    • Being informed about many treatment options
    • Having a balanced approach that recognizes body and mind; an approach that encompasses the uniqueness of the individual
    • Natural, safe alternatives
    • Focused on the whole person
    • Positive
    • Minimal drugs with associated side effects but having access to pharmaceuticals when needed
    • Being listened to in a respectful manner
    • Looking at the big picture
    • Friendly and professional; 
    • Generating wellness with the help of the patient
    • Offering the broadest perspective possible in a way that supports and educates.
  • | 48a Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland | ph 09 370 0650

Jacky Abbott

The Healing Room

Claim your Power, Revitalize your life, Live with passion
  • Jacky works with Psych-K, ThetaHealing and BodyTalk to facilitate change and empower teens and adults to find balance and joy in their wellbeing, relationships, business lives and finances.
  • Working with the subconscious mind, reduce emotional stress, resolve painful memories and increase confidence.
  • A safe, easy and effective way to change outdated or limiting beliefs and feelings and to balance wellbeing.
  • | | ph 021 057 2519 | based in Birkenhead

Jacqui Olliver

Sex Strategist & Collaborator

Jann McMichael

Alexander Technique Teacher | CertSTAT(SA)

  • Jann McMichael is passionate about helping clients find out how they sabotage their own postural and tensional movements in work and recreational situations; show how deep seated pressures transform to freer actions which lead to pain-freed and easier living. She demonstrates and attunes how mind and body work so in sync with each other that openness and ease flow effortlessly in one, just as a child experiences.
  • Jann works individually, in set groups and further afield through skype calls, to bring personal awareness to each participant.
  • Although the list is endless, see various activities and conditions that Jann works with.
  • | | ph +64 9 634 4155 | +64 21 153 7774 | based in Royal Oak

Kimberlee Sweeney

CDC Certified Divorce & Separation Coach

  • ARE YOU…Trying to navigate your way through a separation or divorce?
    • Trying to be the best parent you can be right now?
    • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and in constant conflict with your ex?
    • Worried about your children and how it will affect them? 
  • Then you need a divorce coach. I can help you set goals and guide you through the process with ease and efficiency, support you in meetings with experts and be your biggest advocate in divorce.
  • Book a complimentary discovery session and see how I can help you!
  • | ph 021 279 9407 | based in St Johns, Auckland | Skype appointments available

Dr Kirsty Agar-Jacomb

Registered Clinical Psychologist | DClinPsy, MNZPsS, ACBS

  • I am a registered Consultant Clinical Psychologist with 20 years of experience working in the mental health field. Over these years I have filled clinical, leadership, training, organisational, and community roles.
  • For much of my career I have worked with highly troubled people often stuck in complex and rigid systems. I have worked in Early Psychosis Intervention with 16-25 year olds and their families, with adult community teams, and in an acute inpatient unit with people who were acutely troubled and distressed.
  • I have also been Professional Lead for Adult Mental Health Services, currently also work in Quality and Improvement overseeing improvement and change initiatives, and I am on the Executive Committee of ISPS-NZ.
  • I am committed to continuing professional development, training, and supervision to ensure I offer you the best service.
  • I am a member of the New Zealand Psychological Society (NZPsS) and belong to the Institute of Clinical Psychologists. I am also a member of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS).
  • | ph 021 0868 7151 | | current clinic day Thursday | based in Northcross, North Shore, Auckland

Lisa Fitzgibbon


  • Lisa Fitzgibbon is the founder and operator of OOMPH-Realistic Holistic Health. She is a registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist with NZAMH and NZSN. Lisa has a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Complementary Medicine) from Charles Sturt University in Australia as well as Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine from South Pacific College of Natural Therapies in Auckland. At Oomph-Realistic Holistic Health, you will work together to devise a Treatment Plan for you - something that is both realistic and achievable; something that will support you to be at your best. Lisa works with all types of people, with all types of health concerns, conditions and objectives.
  • | | ph 09 528 8365 | mob 021 236 5646 | based in Grey Lynn

Megan Downer

Counsellor/BSW | Dip Couns, MNZAC, MANZICA

  • Megan is a professional counsellor with 20 years of experience in the health sector supporting those coping with infertility, pregnancy and baby loss, life changing news and trauma
  • I have a gentle and relational approach in supporting people through their journey and helping them to find strategies to cope
  • I have a special interest in grief and loss, particularly losses often not understood by others
  • | ph 027 222 3850 | based in Remuera, Auckland

Michelle Buchanan

Numerologist, Law of Attraction Practitioner

  • Michelle Buchanan is the Numerologist and Spiritual Counsellor for TVNZ's 'Good Morning' and 'Woman's Day' magazine. Michelle has studied numerology for over 20 years and is also a certified Law of Attraction practitioner.
  • Visit her website for further information on personal readings, email profile and forecast reports, and numerology workshops.
  • | based in Auckland

Minh Truong-George

Counsellor/Psychotherapist | BA Psychology, Dips Psychosynthesis Counselling & Psychotherapy, MNZAC, Registered Psychotherapist, Family Court and Auckland PHO Provider

  • Minh is committed in supporting the healing potential of the human spirit to transform pain and suffering into wisdom and compassion. She also has a cross-cultural background and is interested in supporting clients to find self identity, richness and authenticity while living with(in) differences in their lives. She sees both individuals and couples in her private practice at the Community of Saint Luke in Remuera.
  • | ph 027 235 7845 | based in Remuera

Kingsland Osteopaths

  • We are a small friendly team who offer natural pain relief and improved mobility for every age group from newborn babies through to the elderly.
  • Whether the problem is physical (like a sports injury) or more internal (like a headache or infant reflux) we can offer help to get things back to normal. One of the things that sets us apart is that – even if we really like you – we don’t want you to keep coming back to see us. We are always working to get you back to good health as quickly as possible, and if that’s not happening we will bring in our colleagues for second opinions or refer on to the appropriate specialist.
  • | 513 New North Road in Kingsland | Ph 09 845 4472

Nicola Lincoln

Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Awareness Mentor

  • Nicola Lincoln is the founder of Halo Natural Health, a charming sanctuary providing qualified natural health practitioners and a health shop, in St Heliers.
  • She is a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist with a Bachelor of Health Science (CompMed) from Charles Sturt University in Sydney, as well as Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine from South Pacific College of Natural Medicine (SPCNM) in Auckland. She is also a Reiki Master Practitioner and Spiritual Awareness Mentor.
  • Nicola ran her business, Inhealth Naturally, in Ellerslie for many years and supervised the 3rd year naturopathic students at SPCNM before starting Halo Natural Health in early 2016.
  • Nicola believes that looking at all aspects of health, lifestyle, emotions and spiritual connection are essential for optimal wellbeing. Working with all aspects will create an attainable treatment plan for you. 
  • Nicola works with all types of health concerns for all types of people of any age.
  • ǀ ǀ  09 575 3214 ǀ  Based in St Heliers

Rachel Stichbury

Counsellor | Diploma in Professional Counselling, Certificate in Grief, Certificate in Relationship & Communication Management, Provisional Member - NZAC

  • My work as a counsellor has been working alongside adults, adolescents and couples, specialising in loss and grief and I also work managing issues with anxiety and depression.
  • I have in the past worked from a medical centre, and am currently in private practice based in Birkenhead.
  • Primarily I use a person centred approach, and surround you with a calming, compassionate and respectful environment as a unique individual.
  • My aim as a counsellor is to support your journey and path toward healing for greater awareness, clarity and balance, gaining insights, surrounding your emotions, thoughts and perceptions.
  • Together we will enhance your own personal strengths and work towards finding your own solutions, making sense of all you are experiencing, and help you to develop a greater understanding of yourself.
  • "Know yourself to know you can”
  • Webpage | | ph 027 347 1197 | based in Birkenhead, Auckland

Rebalance Clinic

  • At Rebalance Clinic, we provide our clients with caring and professional care in the treatment of a wide spectrum of complaints. Our services range from preventative care to treatment of injuries and illness with particular emphasis on chronic and complex problems. Our services are available for people of all ages, stages of life and levels of fitness.
  • Our treatment approach is to target the real underlying cause of the problem rather than merely treating the symptoms. In this way we can ensure a more effective long term outcome.
  • Our goal is to assist you in regaining and maintaining an optimal level of health and well-being.
  • Physiotherapy, Neurolink and acupuncture are standard offerings at Rebalance.
  • | ph 09 525 8140 | based in Ellerslie

Renate Barrack - Aroha Equine

Equine Assisted Growth & Learning, Equine Assisted Therapy

  • Aroha Equine offers services for children, teenagers, adults, families, groups and individuals who require growth, learning and counselling support. 
  • Programs are designed to address human needs including self-confidence, self-esteem, problem solving, relationship skills, boundaries, communication, team building, conflict resolution, emotional regulation such as anger management. 
  • We offer customised sessions for people dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress, social difficulties and other mental health challenges. 
  • Aroha Equine receives referrals from professionals and individuals. EAGALA certified.
  • 021 216 5484 | | Facebook | based in Alfriston, South Auckland

Rob Hunter

Psychotherapist | BA, MA (Social Anthropology); GradDip Psychotherapy, Registered Psychotherapist, Member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)

  • Rob is an experienced psychotherapist who has been helping people find ways to overcome difficulties such as depression, anxiety and relationship problems for well over 10 years. 
  • He has extensive experience and varied training, integrating psychodynamic, behavioural and strength focused models and empirically supported mindfulness approaches to emotion regulation. 
  • Rob has practiced Taoist mediation including Tai ji for over 20 yrs. He is interested is in integrating the Taoist approach to mind into his psychotherapuetic practice.
  • He has worked in community agencies, specialist treatment rehabilitation services for people suffering long standing extreme state conditions, and currently works for North Shore Community Mental Health Service in addition to his private practice.
  • Fees are $140 inc GST negotiable.
  • Rob is available Tuesday evenings 5-9pm in Ellerslie and Thursday evenings 5-9pm in Remuera.
  • | | ph 021 978 969 | based in Ellerslie & Remuera

Roberta Stuart

Counsellor & Family Therapist | Dip Counselling & Family Therapy, MNZAC

  • Roberta works from a strengths-based focus. She has experience as a sand play therapist (useful for all ages) and enjoys facilitating clients to enhance their self awareness in order to be who they want to be.
  • | | ph 027 230 1912 | based in Epsom

Sarah Penwarden

Counsellor for Grief & Loss | Hope for You | Master of Counselling, MNZAC

  • Grief can be like finding yourself in the middle of an unfamiliar terrain with no map. As a therapist, I won't give you directions, but will walk with you as you make sense of the 'new normal', and start to move towards the kind of life you want. By the end of a series of sessions, I aim that you'll have a clearer sense of your strengths and resources to help navigate this new terrain. I'll do this through making space for grieving as well as looking for small moments of hope.
  • Having counselling for grief and loss is not always easy. It takes courage. I specialise in offering a gentle approach that makes conversation possible, as we walk at your own pace.
  • I have a Masters degree in counselling and have worked as a counsellor in a variety of settings for 13 years. I offer counselling in West Auckland, Newmarket, and also via skype. I offer the first session as an initial consultation without fee. 
  • | phone or text 021 267 8923.

Speech therapy primarily for children

Tracy Kendall & Kareen Dockray

  • Dedicated to helping your child communicate with confidence. 
  • We are a friendly, independent Speech-Language Therapy service based in St Heliers, Auckland. 
  • We are committed to providing the most effective and evidence-based services in a friendly and motivating environment. Our fun, stimulating activities, advice and ongoing support, helps children to make changes to their communication to support their social, educational and emotional well-being.
  • We treat:
    • Articulation difficulties-speech sounds 
    • Language development delays
    • Hearing/glue-ear related difficulties
    • Voice disorders 
    • Global Developmental Delay 
    • Autistic Spectrum Disorder 
    • Attention Deficit Disorder 
    • APD-Auditory Processing Disorder 
    • Specific Learning Disabilities - reading, writing, maths 
    • Dyslexia related learning issues 
    • English as a second language 
    • Accent reduction for adults and children 
    • Speech making and presentation skills 
    • Exam preparation
  • We also offer sessions for adults including help with public speaking and accent reduction. We work with adults on a case-by-case basis
  • ph 027 333 4722 | | | Eastmed, 188 Specialist Centre, 188 St Heliers Bay Rd, Auckland 

Steven Dromgool


  • Steven is the Director of Relate Counselling and the only NZ therapist trained in all of the top five approaches to couples therapy (Imago, Gottman, EFT, PACT and MIRT). He has specialised in working with relationship issues for over a decade. 
  • Steven travelled around the world to train under experts including Harville Hendrix, John and Julie Gottman, Stan Tatkin, Maya Kollman, Bruce Crapuchettes, Tammy Nelson. He has been actively involved in promoting and linking therapeutic and brain science insights to produce more powerful and integrated connection solutions. His collaboration with other passionate international clinicians led him to be a contributor to Mindful Integrated Relationship Therapy - the first evidence based couples therapy training modality. 
  • His approach is to empower couples with tools to communicate effectively so that they can feel safe, loved and desired. He has a special interest in working with couples to recover from affairs, preparing for marriage and restoring lost connection. Steven also runs full day and multi-day intensive therapy sessions.
  • | ph 0204 RELATE (735 283) | based in Ponsonby

Susan Goldstiver

The Postnatal Distress Centre, Greenlane

  • Susan is an experienced psychotherapist who is passionate about and specialises in postnatal distress. This term is used as an umbrella to encompass the perinatal journey - antenatal and postnatal depression, antenatal and postnatal anxiety, panic attacks and OCD, post-traumatic stress after childbirth (birth trauma), attachment and bonding difficulties, miscarriage, abortion and still birth loss, and any struggle to adjust to parenthood for new mums and dads.
  • She offers short and long term psychotherapy and counselling for men and women, individuals and couples, dealing with issues of:
    • postnatal depression/distress,
    • parenting,
    • relationship and marriage issues,
    • trauma and sexual abuse,
    • grief and loss,
    • And any other form of psychological distress and personal growth.
  • Susan is a registered psychotherapist and a member of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy. She has been in private practice for 11 years. The practice is located in Greenlane and Susan offers home visits where possible.
  • | | ph 021 333 021 | 09 846 4978

Vic Jones

Counsellor/Supervisor | BPsych, PGCouns, DipOrgPsych, DipComm, CertSocialWork

  • Vic is a member of NZ Association of Counsellors and holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling, a Diploma in Organisational Psychology, a Diploma in Communication Studies, and a Certificate in Community & Social Work.
  • He brings a wealth of experience in Community Work and Counselling to his practice. He initiated the Waipa Youth Centre in Te Awamutu, has been involved in developing services and programmes for Youth and Maori, facilitated career counselling workshops, and has researched and initiated counselling support for long term unemployed.
  • In 1996, he developed and ran the Drug & Alcohol Service on Waiheke Island as well as developing a private counselling practice.
  • He offers clients a space in which to work through issues such as addiction, anger, communication difficulties, work-place stresses and challenges, depression, life crises, and questions of meaning.
  • Vic believes that we have a powerful capacity for healing and effecting change in our lives. When we are living our truth with a sense of meaning and purpose we feel a deep sense of peace and contentment with ourselves and the world.
  • | 130 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland | ph 021 276 0669 | 09 834 1247

Viola Beintken

Counsellor for children, teens, women and couples, including people with Autism/Asperger’s
PgDip in Counselling, Special Education/Psychology (MA)

  • I specialise in working with children, teens, women and couples who are dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues and parenting concerns. This includes people who are affected by Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Providing a respectful, warmhearted and calm atmosphere, I work with a range of modalities and materials to support our conversations and help you express what might be “beyond words”.
  • I have several years of experience in working with individuals, families and groups as a support worker, parent coach and counsellor in Germany, the US and New Zealand.
  • Languages: fluent in English and German.
  • Discounted fees and support with WINZ subsidy available.
  • | | 021 0821 2290 | East Auckland, home visits available.

Dr Vitalis Acupuncture

Wendy Norman

Narrative & Collaborative Counsellor | PostGradDipPsycho-social Studies, GradDipCounselling, MA Applied Linguistics, MNZAC

  • I have a gentle, compassionate style supporting you as we explore issues, attitudes and behaviours of concern to you.
  • I am non-judgemental, open and will listen patiently to whatever you need to talk about.
  • I can challenge you and encourage you to consider possibilities that might help you come to your own decisions.
  • My areas of interest and experience include anxiety, depression, gender/trans-sexuality, disordered eating, childhood and teenage difficulties, senior concerns, migrant issues, grief and loss.
  • I am happy working with individuals, couples and families.
  • | ph 021 0856 6813 | Highbury, North Shore, Auckland

Therapeutic Resources in Waikato, New Zealand

Jackie White


  • Jackie White currently works in private practice in Hamilton.
  • She offers counselling in person and via Skype.
  • Jackie uses a mixture of Gestalt, Pschosynthesis, Art Therapy and CBT to find the therapeutic techniques that will best fit a client's needs.
  • Areas of interest include anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual abuse, self-esteem, confidence, grief and loss.
  • Jackie sees clients via WINZ, as well as self-referred people.
  • | ph 021 119 6781 | | based in Rotokauri, Hamilton

Maria Reynolds

Cultural Supervisor, NZAC Puawananga Kaitiaki, Waikato, Tainui | MCouns, MNZAC

  • He aha te mea nui o te ao He tangata , he tangata, he tangata 
  • I have over 25 years of counselling adults and young adults from all cultures and background. 
  • My passion is supporting Maori Counsellors to be members of NZAC and to support those Counsellors working with Maori clients. 
  • ph 027 6209 799 |

Robert Jenkinson

Counsellor, Tutor, Supervisor

  • Robert Jenkinson has been counselling for 22 years and is currently in private practice in Hamilton. 
  • He has worked in a variety of agencies including Waikato Hospital, Parentline, Relationship Services, Salvation Army and Anglican Action. 
  • He supervises other counsellors, is a tutor at a Tertiary Institute teaching counselling to students, he is an ACC registered counsellor and his current specialisms include people who need counselling for: 
    • sexual addiction including pornography addiction
    • spirituality
    • sexual offending against children
    • sexual abuse. 
  • Robert sees clients via WINZ as well as ACC or self referred people
  • | ph 07 843 9976 | based in Glenview, Hamilton

Therapeutic Resources in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Claire Cornwell

Equine Therapist, Rocking Horse Therapy

  • Equine assisted learning (EAL) is a solution focused therapy which can be used as an adjunct to, or independently from, evidence based psychotherapies. EAL provides experiential based learning opportunities to meet personal and therapeutic needs. Based on the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association model (EAGALA, n.d., para. 1-3), horses provide powerful opportunities to develop social and communication skills necessary for healthy, meaningful relationships. Interacting with horses provides unlimited potential for growth and change and has proven successful for individuals experiencing complex health needs (Frewin, K. & Gardinar, B. 2005).
  • Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) takes place in the natural environment or papatūānuku. Participants learn about themselves and others while interacting and participating in activities with horses outdoors in a paddock. An opportunity to discuss and process feelings, thoughts, and behaviors enables metaphorical and experiential learning, allowing individuals to make their own inferences and find their own solutions.
  • Research indicates that EAL can be an effective way of providing therapeutic interventions for individuals learning (Schultz et al., 2007, Waite & Bourke., 2013). EAL provides experiential based learning opportunities to promote personal development and meet the therapeutic needs of children and young people in mental health services.
  • | ph 021 132 0422, 07 333 2987 | | based in Rotorua

Debbie Penlington

Counsellor | M Counselling; RN; Grad Dip Career Development; PGDiploma Supervision

  • For many years I have really enjoyed working with people - as a nurse, a career counsellor, a counsellor and a supervisor. I am passionate about the positive difference counselling and supervision can make in peoples’ lives.
  • I use a non- judgemental, warm, empathetic, accepting approach to create a relationship of trust with my clients, as I believe the counselling work we do together is influenced by the strength of our relationship.
  • While I enjoy all counselling work, my particular areas of interest are couples counselling using Emotionally Focussed therapy (EFT); building self confidence, assertiveness and self compassion; working with individuals or couples experiencing sexual problems (including the impact of cancer on intimate relationships) ; anger management; career counselling; parenting; loss and grief (including living with a life limiting illness); health and wellness; workplace stress, burnout and conflict resolution.
  • I also enjoy providing supervision for those in the helping professions or management positions.
  • | | ph 027 824 7518 | 021 270 4358 | based in Tauranga CBD

Georgia Meichtry

Willow Therapeutic: Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy | BHS, Dip Therapeutic Massage, Cert  Relaxation Massage, Cert Allied Therapies

Tracy Kidd

Life Coach

  • Welcome to my Life Coaching practice. My name is Tracy Kidd. For me it’s a privilege and a passion to be alongside people as they make transformative changes in their life. Many people want to find a different direction in their life and Life Coaching will help provide the clarity and goal setting to achieve this. 
  • Life Coaching with me will help provide the focus for change, you will have the benefit of having someone who truly believes that you can achieve your dreams, someone who is both passionate and curious to help in your journey of discovery. I believe you have your own best answers but maybe you haven't been asked the questions yet. 
  • I also provide Grief Support. Grief can be debilitating and supporting someone who is going through a grief process is a privilege. Grief comes in many guises…the loss of a loved one, the loss of a pet, job loss, separation and divorce to name a few. 
  • I work from rooms at Judea, Tauranga but also use Skype in my practice. 
  • | | ph 027 303 8211 | based in Tauranga

Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Sharon Elsworth

Massage Therapist | Dip Therapeutic Massage, Dip Body Therapies (NZCM), Member Massage NZ

  • Sharon completed a 1,500+ hour Diploma in Therapeutic Massage at the prestigious NZ College of Massage in 2000. Sharon welcomes clients of all ages, body types and health statuses (including pregnant) to her Taradale (Napier) Clinic for professional, experienced, personalised therapeutic work.
  • | | ph 021 270 4358 | 06 844 1484 | based in Taradale, Napier

Wellington, New Zealand

Annette Burrell, Accredited Journey Practitioner

  • I am an Accredited Journey Practitioner based in Upper Hutt. 
  • An appointment with me can enable you to let go of stuck emotions and old negative beliefs which are limiting your life. 
  • It can help your awareness of your real self and your purpose in life. 
  • There is no analysing or judging. 
  • You can have an appointment of 2-3 hours at my home, or on Skype or you can design a personal retreat and stay a night or two.
  • | | | | based in Upper Hutt

Choice Life Consulting

  • Choice Life Consulting utilises counselling, psychology, life coaching and mediation to assist you to sort out issues in your life, career, marriage and relationships.
  • We see a spectrum of people - from someone who wants to discuss an everyday issue - to people who want to deal with an issue that has been causing them distress for years. 
  • After hours and Sunday appointments are available. Please feel free to contact Joyce to book an appointment with one of our experienced consultants.
  • | | ph 04 499 7338 | 021 140 1180 | 46 Aurora Terrace (off The Terrace), Wellington.

WellElder, Wellington

  • WellElder provides physically and financially accessible specialist counselling for people aged 60 and over (55 and over if Maori or Pasifika) living in the Capital & Coast District Health Board area.
  • Clients may attend on their own, as a couple or with other family/whanau.
  • We offer up to 6 one-hour counselling sessions at affordable rates.
  • Counsellors see clients at venues in Newtown, Johnsonville, Porirua and Paraparaumu, and in clients’ homes and rest homes when mobility is an issue.
  • ph 04 380 2440 | |

South Island

Megan Lindsay

Bachelor of Counselling, Provisional Member of NZAC

  • I work honestly and genuinely with a range of issues, in order to make sense of what is causing distress, gaining a different perspective or discovering hidden strengths to help you manage and live, rather than just survive. 
  • I have a unique understanding of the isolation of rural living and the independence this requires.
  • Living in a small community requires utmost confidentiality and trust, which you can expect from our conversations. 
  • | ph 022 0979 863 | based in Gore

National & International

Breathing Works

  • If you have any of the following symptoms: achy muscles and joints, breathing discomfort*, chest pains*, clammy hands, disturbed sleep, dizzy spells* or feeling spaced out, erratic heartbeats*, feeling anxious and uptight, feeling of 'air hunger', frequent sighing and yawning, irritability or hypervigilance, pins and needles, shattered confidence, tired all the time, upset gut/nausea
  • You could be breathing incorrectly.
  • Speaking from personal experience, learning to breathe correctly (which is what most people think they are doing already) will have a life changing impact on you.
  • | practitioners located all around New Zealand
*Check with your doctor if you experience these symptoms.

Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O.

Healthy LifeStyle Consultant, qualified Osteopath, Personal Trainer, certified raw, vegan Chef

  • With over two decades of experience as a UK-trained Osteopath, speaker, personal trainer, certified raw, vegan, gluten-free chef, health coach, mentor, writer, singer and philanthropist, this means your health goals are Fi’s focus. 
  • Fi guides you back into the driving seat of your own health lifestyle, via dynamic wellness programs, for you personally and also within a group setting. 
  • You get to benefit from the experience Fi’s gained running 3 Integrated Health Centres plus a Corporate Wellness organisation. 
  • She’ll work on your whole approach to health – from balancing your body’s biochemistry, to ergonomics in your home and workplace. 
  • Through her 2Gether Foundation, where she provides micro-financing loans to women who otherwise may not have the opportunity to start a business, Fi focuses on ‘paying it forward’ – one person at a time. 
  • | testimonials here | based in New Zealand and Bali | Skype sessions available (Skype name fionajamiesonfolland)

Purple Sapphire

  • Quality New Zealand made, therapeutic bodycare, pampering & relaxation products for stress relief, wellbeing & indulgence. Gifts to show you care. Relax, reflect & revitalize with 100% pure aromatherapy oils, bodycare, skincare, haircare, candles, music, gifts and more.

Skype practitioners

The practitioners below also offer Skype sessions, their full details are listed above.
  1. Anna de Valk | Career, Life and Leadership Coach 
  2. Annette Burrell | Accredited Journey Practitioner 
  3. Choice Life Consulting
  4. David Holden | Specialist Naturopath & Nutritional BioChemist 
  5. Edit Hovarth | Sex Therapist
  6. Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O. | Healthy LifeStyle Consultant, qualified Osteopath, Personal Trainer, certified raw, vegan Chef 
  7. Jacqui Olliver | Sex Strategist & Collaborator 
  8. Jann McMichael | Alexander Technique Teacher 
  9. Kimberlee Sweeney | CDC Certified Divorce & Separation Coach 
  10. Sarah Penwarden | Counsellor for Grief & Loss | Hope for You | Master of Counselling, MNZAC 
  11. Tracy Kidd | Life Coach