Couple Nourishment Workshops - including how to fight fairly with your partner

Date, Time & Location

  • TBA

A three hour workshop covering:

  • The six key ingredients for a healthy, long-term relationship
  • Intimacy and non-sexual touch – why is this important?
  • The five love languages
  • Staying or not staying for the kids
  • Time out is not just for children!
  • A communication model to help you make sense of your behaviour (and your partner’s)
  • Four behaviours you want to avoid at all costs
  • Why mind reading doesn’t work
  • How to give feedback to your partner
  • Keeping your conversations safe


  • There will be opportunities to bring ideas back to the group – that is entirely voluntary.
  • You will be asked to talk to your partner about some of the subject content, and reflect on how you relate as a couple.
  • You won’t be expected to talk to anyone in the group about anything personal unless you choose to.

What to bring

  • Yourself, your partner, and a pen and paper

How do I register?

  1. tba

More venues required

I would like to run more low cost workshops at Auckland schools. 

If you are from a centralish Auckland school, and you are willing to loan a room suitable for 20 participants and a projector, please contact me (details below in the footer of this website). I will gratefully be in touch about arranging a workshop time.