Client feedback

Feedback from clients is below - not all are identified. The system has now changed so that clients can identify themselves if desired. 
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"Suzi is the only person who understood my feelings and my situation. She is so professional, friendly and helpful person. She has changed my life in right direction. Thanks a lot Suzi." (A&M, March 2017)

"I had never seen anyone for counseling before and I felt very comfortable with Suzi. She was really great and has helped me to be able to deal with my relationship issues as they arise." (Feb 2017)

"Suzi was wonderful. I feel she helped me so much more than I ever thought was possible. She gave me positive strategies and coping skills which have enabled me to move on with my life and be in a much happier place than I was." (JJP, Jan 2017)

"Suzi has truly helped my husband and I. She has a really lovely way about her which made us feel instantly calm and relaxed. We came to her at a really low point in our marriage and we left after a number of sessions feeling really positive, and excited about our future. We can't thank her enough!" (A&J, Dec 2016)
"Suzi has provided me with an insight into myself and how I can work to reduce the chances of going back into the dark place. She had an immediate effect and the tools and advice she provided are working well. Sadly I hope never to visit Suzi again." (Aug 2016)

"As a couple, Suzi helped us open the door to communicating in an open and constructive way about important things that we had been avoiding or failing to acknowledge. As a facilitator, Suzi is candid, disarming, fair and knowledgeable. Her style is appropriately interactive and inclusive. We even had some fun. But she still provided insights, advice and tools that were representative of her skills, training and experience." (J&S, Jul 2016)

"I came to Suzi at a very low point, and through a few sessions I've turned a corner and are happier, more settled and more confident than I've been in a very long time. Suzi was very gentle and where most of the time it felt like just chatting with a friend, she was obviously working magic somehow for me to have experienced the changes I have." (RM, Jul 2016)

"Suzi was warm, welcoming and provided an environment where I felt safe to talk. She provided good reflection, an appropriate level of challenge to help me think differently about my issues I was experiencing and some really helpful practical strategies for dealing with my ex-husband." (S, Jul 2016)

"Suzi provided a safe environment that allowed us to relax and share our concerns. Suzi has a natural gift to hone in on certain points which was very self revealing, that allowed us both to come to our own understanding of the problems at hand." (F&C, Jun 2016)

"I cannot express how grateful I am to Suzi. The environment she creates is so safe and comforting. I absolutely loved seeing her." (Nick, Mar 2016)

"Suzi was wonderful and very professional. She listens and understands and makes you feel valued. She respects you for who you are." (P, Feb 2016)

"Suzi was the perfect person for us to talk to regarding our marriage. She helped us learn how to communicate and helped us really re-ignite the spark that we thought we had lost..." (G&A, Nov 2015)
"I had never had the need for counselling before, but a change in workplace environment where bullying and threatening behaviour became the culture pushed me into seeking help. Suzi was amazing, giving me strategies to keep myself safe and to cope with a toxic environment. She taught me that whatever the situation don't compromise your morals, values and ethics to fit in, be strong." (EKR, Oct 2015)

"Would absolutely reccommend Suzi, and have already to another couple. Suzi was very understanding about our conflict, and even though its something a lot of couples go through, she didn't make us feel like our situation was anything but important because we were going through it." (Oct 2015)

"Suzi helped me discover a wholeness to life and myself that I never had. Thank you for enabling me to love life again :)" (Sep 2015)

"I feel privileged to have met Suzi. She is calm, graceful and inspirational. She helped me to identify my stumbling blocks and she has reminded me how to clear my path for new beginnings." (S, Jul 2015)

"Suzi made us both feel comfortable in our individual sessions as well as in the joint ones, at a time that was very hard for us. Her professional guidance and the strategies we learned saved our sanity and relationship. We have kept her phone number for the future." (R&Z, Jul 2015)

"Maya Angelou said "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." Thank you Suzi for listening to my story; for never judging me; for guiding me through this healing process; for helping me to start finding my feet and believe in myself again. I have really appreciated your time, your good humour and your kindness." (LM, Jul 2015)

"I appreciated Suzi's ability to discern issues accurately, naming them and validating/understanding the accompanying emotions that I was experiencing. Feeling understood has been of great benefit to me, as I've been dealing with situations where I've felt like a 'square peg in a round hole' and trying to hold my own ground for the values I stand for. I found Suzi to be warm, professional, fully engaged in being present to the messiness of stories I brought, and willing to offer practical suggestions. I found her insights into the mindsets of the difficult people I was dealing with invaluable." (JF, Jun 2015)
"I work specifically with men, women and couples who are experiencing sex problems including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido and problems achieving orgasm. Whereas I teach clients the mechanics and strategy required to achieve or restore a great sex life, as a counsellor Suzi works on other levels, effectively helping clients to improve their communication and relationship skills as well as the dynamics which can affect their resilience both as individuals and as a couple.

Referring clients to Suzi provides them with an opportunity to further grow their skills and to attain or regain balance and integrity in other important areas of their personal lives as well as enhancing the structure of all family relationships.

Suzi has a level of personal and professional integrity which encourages trust and makes her an absolute pleasure to refer clients to." (Jacqui Olliver, End the Problem, Jun 2015)

"Suzi was warm and welcoming. She listened to my concerns and was able to provide insights that I had not considered before. I am confident that my sessions with Suzi have helped me in my personal relationships and I feel like I have the tools to handle situations I found challenging before. I would recommend Suzi to anyone who is struggling to find peace in any area of their lives." (RS, Jun 2015)

"I believed I could be "Superwoman" and do it all. Be the loving wife, amazing mum, best high achieving employee, and supporter with family and friends, but after two years of feeling overwhelmed and panic stricken, and grieving from the recent loss of my beloved father in law, I was unsure what to do or how to cope. Suzi is a great listener. Suzi was able to provide me with tangible tips to cope with my anxiety and identify that I was suffering from post-natal depression two years after giving birth, which I didn’t know I had. It has changed my life for the better, and I have learnt to be kinder to myself as a multifaceted working mother and how to cope when I have bad days." (WD, May 2015)
"I can't thank Suzi enough. She deserves recognition for her skills because Suzi is awesome! For anyone struggling with any problem, I can guarantee that Suzi is the person to help you. I always felt 10 times better after each session." (Dave, May 2015)

"Suzi offered a safe and comfortable space for me to be able to identify some areas in my life is like to work on. She helped me shift some key issues and offered great pearls of wisdom that will serve me well on my ongoing journey!" (WV, May 2015)
"To be honest I didn't know what to expect, but in the first session I felt relaxed and comfortable in the environment. I came to Suzi wanting some methods of dealing with grief particularly flashbacks, and by the end of the session I had multiple tools/techniques to try and deal with things better. So after the first session I walked away feeling a lot more at ease knowing that I now had some ways to help me deal with my Dad's passing." (RA, May 2015)
"We just want to thank Suzi so much for all her amazing help." (N&S, Apr 2015)

"Suzi helped me get my anxiety at a manageable level quickly, introducing strategies to calm and focus on the future instead of being stuck on replay." (LR, Feb 2015)

"Suzi made me feel at ease and I found I could open up to her quickly (which I find difficult). She helped me work through some important issues in just a couple of sessions. My time with her was invaluable." (BH, Jan 2015)
"Suzi was awesome. It was so easy to be very open with her and it felt very comfortable (which I didn't think would come so easy being a male). She gave me guidance that I desperately needed and understood in a relatively short period of time. Very friendly yet professional." (MA, Jan 2015)

"Suzi's calm, caring answers and techniques during my tears helped me to understand the stages of grief I was and would be going through." (DB, Dec 2014)

"Suzi is a wonderful therapist who puts you at ease straight away and really guides you to address any issues in a positive way. I found Suzi's techniques to deal with emotions really effective. Thank you for your support." (SM, Oct 2014)

"I found Suzi very easy to talk to, she enabled me to work through a difficult time in my life and understand things a little more clearly. Thank you!" (KH, Oct 2014)

"All the other people I've seen have just listened and sympathised, which was no good for me. You are proactive and actually have some ideas!" (TC, Oct 2014)

"You've helped me so much over the last 20 months. It feels like you've literally saved my life." (DB, Oct 2014)

"Such a wonderfully caring and helpful woman! I cannot thank Suzi enough for the help and support she has provided me over my time with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone with any issues and from any walk of life. Thank you again." (LW, Aug 2014)
"I want to deeply thank you for the space and guidance that you create for me to work with and through my Self (and my issues). I feel so lucky to have been guided to you, to do this work. You are a lovely and powerful woman, who offers a massive contribution to the world through the potential for self evolution and awareness. Thank you." (D, Jul 2014)

"You are the best counsellor I have ever been to. Thank you for all your help, listening to my worries and for understanding in all our sessions. It is unique to find a counsellor like you who does understand people like me." (KL, Jul 2014)

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Suzi to anyone seeking any type of guidance in life. I loved her holistic approach to life and the skills she gave me in being able to move forward with where I am in my life now. I feel without these sessions I would still be where I was, in a rut! Thank you so much Suzi, you really are a life saver in so many ways." (Mary U, Jun 2014)

"I can't recommend Suzi highly enough, she has been such an amazing person to meet and get to know and I so deeply appreciate all the help she has given me. I will take the tools and knowledge I have gained from her and use them to keep progressing forward through the next chapter of my life" (MK, May 2014)

"I'd like to say a big thank you for the insights you've given me. With the strategies and techniques, I am learning how to better communicate how I'm feeling. Funny how once things are out, it's all so much simpler. Life now feels like a new beginning, not the end of a chapter." (DH, Apr 2014)

"Thanks Suzi, for being an objective listener, and for providing me with an outlet to grieve and to move forward. I felt my sessions were tailored individually for me; I was a part of my progress, and the whole journey." (Ali, Feb 2014)

"I have to thank you for the words and techniques you gave me for getting through the working day. It has been a lot easier and freer, thus far with an adjusted mindset and approach. You rock Suzi." (MJ, Dec 2013)

"Suzi is professional, relaxed and has an non pressuring approach. I liked how she would ask questions which made me think, process and helped me work through the issues." (RKML, Nov 2013)

“We found Suzi's approach non-judgemental, professional, and objective. We have learned valuable strategies going forward, and feel like things are back on track as a result.” (CG, Mar 2013)

"Suzi is a great listener and made me feel more confident about my situation and gave great advice. She is very professional and made me feel comfortable talking to her. Highly recommended!" (CD, Jan 2013)

"I never thought I needed any counselling for anything; but when I attended my hospital appointment and broke down when spoken about the loss of my son 21 years ago; and all my three cancers I have survived from, in the last 23 years, I agreed that I would find someone, I went on the website and spend some time in reading through most if not all counsellors that stood out for me; I was satisfied with my search when I found Suzi's name and read through her profile and her specialties as a Counsellor, I did not look any further, I made a phone call and that was it, I am so blessed to have found Suzi." (LC, Dec 2012)

"We found Suzi to be friendly, professional and understanding at a time in our lives where we were so consumed with grief, that we were unable to function in our everyday lives. Suzi helped us through this and we will be forever grateful to her for this." (G&V, Nov 2012)

"Suzi has a very warm and inviting personality, and is also totally professional. What I liked best was that I took away practical and applicable strategies for dealing with my situation." (ABB, Apr 2012)

"Working with Suzi helped bring closure to a nightmare situation we had been living in for over a year. Having a third person enter and observe our issue was worth its weight in gold as often in amongst the chaos it's the smallest things that are missed - and Suzi spotted them straight away." (SH, Mar 2012)

"When I first saw Suzi I was coming to the end of a very difficult year during which my sister had died very unexpectedly. There had been other sadnesses during the year which were making it very difficult for me to start grieving. Suzi helped me to work through these issues and at the end of the sessions I was able to remember my sister with happiness and with sadness." (CN, Feb 2012)

"Suzi was a great help! She helped me untangle issues in my life and see things from a different angle. She was great at giving me practical suggestions. Great listener and non-judgemental." (K, Dec 2011)

"Suzi was great for my partner and I to re-learn how to communicate to each other and to better explain how we think. Knowing time out and knowing we can come back to something and try to discuss it again helped. Even though it was only a few sessions it helped so much! Your calming energy and your directness when trying to get us to think about things is good. :D Thank you" (RS, Oct 2011)

"Suzi was great; told me what I needed to hear and gave me direction." (KC, Apr 2011)

"The service provided by Suzi was understanding, friendly and helpful with a positive outcome. Many thanks." (Mar 2011)

"Suzi was honest, compassionate, sensitive and sensible. I trusted her to accommodate our 18 year old daughter for a session, which was very beneficial." (AI, Mar 2011)

"Just a quick note to thank you for your part in helping our relationship get back on track. We feel that we have turned a page, and although we don't want to go through the experience again, we feel that last year has made our relationship stronger. Again, many thanks for your help, support and advice through the sessions we had with you." (E&JB, Mar 2011)

"Suzi has helped me move on from an area that was causing me huge grief and suffering." (SS, Oct 2010)

"Counselling was helpful, Suzi was professional, respectful yet had a sense of humour too. I was given practical strategies." (Jun 2010)

"An excellent service, Suzi was really easy to talk to and was able to give me a different perspective on things going on in my life from an outsider's point of view which made me much more positive. Will definitely use her again if needed." (GR)

"Suzi had a wide variety of ideas, suggestions and activities, so I felt there were many ways to support the issues I felt at the time." (KS)

"Counselling was helpful. Suzi was professional, respectful, yet had a sense of humour too. Given practical strategies."

"We have enormous respect for your abilities, and we thank you for all the help you have provided on our path to happy marriage." (S&M)

"Since we started coming to see you, our relationship has been totally transformed." 

"I find it very helpful to come to see Suzi. I don't know what I'd do if she ever left. I might just have to hunt her down so I could keep seeing her. It's as good as a medical check." (RW)

"The counselling sessions with Suzi were a great help to us at a time in our relationship where we'd reached crisis point and didn't know if we could stay together. I wish I'd gone there sooner! Thank you."

"Excellent service. It gave me the support and tools to manage me and my situation. Thank you!"

"Suzi was great, really opened our eyes up to new options on a level we could understand and relate to."

"It didn't make my problems go away, but [Suzi] helped me to put difficult circumstances in perspective."

"Suzi provided a professional and considered service. We appreciated her caring approach. She was professional, discreet, helpful and considerate to our needs."

"Suzi was excellent. She provided a good ear and gave me things to think about."

"Counselling can be both supporting and enlightening and helps one 'move on' in their journey. I felt Suzi was very professional." (JF)

"I found Suzi very easy to talk to, sensible and realistic. Friendly and professional." (CD)

"As a male, I felt safe - not in a physical sense, but I was able to tell Suzi my issues and she listened." (SR)

"It greatly helped to clarify issues. Suzi was excellent - definite but not at all directive. It has helped to bring to resolution what otherwise would have been months of agony. I had not been to counselling before and expected it to be wishy washy psycho analysis. Truly a breath of fresh air to have a strong, but not directive, impartial view that posed questions that I had to answer." (ML)

"The sessions were very helpful and have helped me through a very difficult time. I have already recommended your services to a friend. Suzi has taught me new skills which I will use for the rest of my life."

"Facilitation focus, much appreciated arbitration in difficult circumstances." (MT)

"Very good way to discuss issues with a neutral opinion and mediation." (JdV)

"An opportunity to learn new tools to deal with emotional situations." (CD)

"Extremely pleased with the service and professionalism. Thanks for all your help."

"I found Suzi quite helpful. She is a great listener and had some excellent suggestions. I think she is quite fabulous."

"Grateful beyond words for the help and guidance. Eternally appreciated. Keep up the good work Suzi!"

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