People Managers

Do you look after, or are you responsible for others in your workplace? Your employees and colleagues may, from time to time, require (and benefit from) some help in the form of counselling. They may have things going on in their personal lives, or at work, which are impacting their ability to do their work well.

If you notice these signs of stress:
  • limited concentration
  • anger or irritability
  • inability to complete tasks
  • tearfulness
  • a change in their behaviour from quiet to louder, or the other way around
  • decreased performance or productivity
  • more health issues than previously noticed
  • an increase in leave taken (particularly sick leave)
  • conflict with colleagues
it could be beneficial to approach them and offer them some professional help. If you want your employees to be more resilient and productive for you, please consider referring them to me.

Many companies belong to Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP). This usually involves the employee calling a toll free number and asking for counselling as part of their employer's EAP. They are usually allocated a counsellor by the EAP provider.

Most employers belonging to an EAP programme offer a minimum of three sessions paid for by them; it's confidential and there is sometimes the opportunity to apply for 1-2 more sessions if the need is high.

Choosing your counsellor as part of an EAP

Your employee may feel more empowered if they can choose the counsellor they see as part of their employer's EAP. One provider (Benestar) already offers this. If your company is with one of the other EAP providers, you may encourage your employee to check out my website to see if I'm a good fit, then request to see me when they call the toll free number.

How do I identify who my employer's EAP provider is?

If it's not obvious from the literature available through HR, have a look at the list below - and see which toll free number correlates to your provider. You can then choose whether to see me as part of your EAP allocation.
  1. Benestar (formerly Stratos) | 0800 360 364
  2. EAP Works | 0800 735 343 or EAP SELF HELP
  3. Instep | 0800 284 678
  4. OCP | 0800 377 990
  5. Vitae | 0508 664 981 (or 0800 666 367 for Converge Australia clients, Vitae are the NZ agent).
I do not contract to the EAP provider below: 
  1. EAP Services | 0800 327 669 or EAP NOW

We don't have an EAP at my work

No problem; just ask your employee to contact me, with the appropriate billing information, and the number of sessions approved. I will see your employee confidentially, and invoice the company directly.

How much experience have you had?

  • I have been working with counselling clients since 2002.
  • For more information about me, my process and the way I work, check out this page.