For Men

You could be looking at the rest of this website thinking "this is a bit girly, isn't it?" or "There are so many words!" You may be right. Below is a summary of what you may want to know.

How can Suzi help me?

  • Do you want more success in your life?

  • Would you like to be happier at home?

  • Is your sex life not where you'd like it to be?

  • Are you tired of being nagged at by your partner or kids?

  • Do you avoid talking because you are convinced or worried it will turn into something nasty?

  • Do you feel unappreciated or emasculated?

  • Are you being bullied or acting like one?

I can help you develop new strategies to get clear communication, appreciation, understand your reactions a bit more clearly and generally increase your happiness. This will increase your EQ (emotional intelligence), reduce conflict in your life, improve your personal and work relationships and manage stress.

What does Suzi know about these things?

  • In 1999. when I started my training, tertiary institutes didn't offer degrees in Counselling - only Psychology. Psychology didn't appeal (not least because it had no personal development aspect at that time), so I headed to an organisation that offered a hands-on, experiential option of a Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy.

  • While training, from age 28-34, I slogged away at various roles - IT Technician, Helpdesk Trainer, Legal Assistant, Executive Assistant, HR Advisor, Software Trainer and Project Administrator. I worked full time and did my training after hours. In 2014, I gave up corporate life, and transitioned full time into my counselling business.

Does Suzi know the kinds of challenges I face?

  • I trained for 7 years part time, while working in corporate environments. In total, I have 27 years' experience working in corporates.

  • I have seen the politics, the confusion, the seemingly strange decisions that are often made by people who don't have any idea how to do our job, or the challenges we face. I get what your day to day stresses are.

  • I have worked (both in the workplace and as a counsellor) with lots of men who feel the pressure of being the major (or only) breadwinner.

  • I understand the struggle of having your own time versus family and work time - and how important that is.

  • I see that you don't always have good, or the right kind, of support around you.

  • I was in a very dysfunctional (with elements of abuse) relationship in my 20s. I'm happy to say I have been with my current partner since 2000, and it's a very satisfying relationship.

  • I know that long term monogamy doesn't suit everyone, and if you have monogamy as a negotiated agreement in your relationship, it's sometimes going to be hard to stick to that.

Am I going to be talked at?

  • Not everyone uses a lot of words to process their thoughts.

  • I will help you, and your partner if you bring them, to identify your individual style. We will then put strategies in place so that you get your needs met much more clearly.

What can I expect out of a counselling session with Suzi?

  • You can expect to be listened to with respect.

  • You can expect to go away with new tools and ideas to improve what you're trying to improve.

  • You can expect to be spoken to directly and honestly.

  • You can even expect to have a few laughs along the way.

Will it hurt?

  • I'm happy to report that most of the men who come to see me say "That wasn't nearly as bad as I expected."

  • I think the expectation of it being bad is from general opinion out there, or negative experiences with talking in general.

  • The counselling I offer isn't just about talking - it's about making change, being accountable and making change stick.