Media & Research

Below are media articles and research projects I have been interviewed for:

Interview for Aim to Thrive | a focus on construction and manufacturing workers' mental health | Sep 2022

  • Rafael Caso, founder of Aim to Thrive, interviewed me on how to support the mental health people who work in the construction industry. A link to the interview is here.

Podcast interview assisting two friends to resolve a conflict with another friend | The Maker Upperers | 25 March 2021

  • I was interviewed about the best way to set up conflict management/resolution with three adults who have experienced a rift in their friendship.

  • Check out The Maker Upperers podcast where the hilarious but utterly unqualified comic duo Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek attempt to resolve New Zealand's rifts! A video explaining is at this link.

  • Available from 9 September 2021 on Audible.

  • Brought to you by the stars of The Breaker Upperers movie.

The 'insidious' impact celebrity deaths can have on survivors of sexual and physical violence | 27 Dec 2020 |

  • Ireland Hendry-Tennent interviewed me about the effect that celebrities being idolised after death, might have on those who have experienced sexual abuse.

  • Celebrities who have abused others often have their previous crimes (or alleged crimes) glossed over or ignored, in the aftermath of their deaths.

  • This can affect the survivors of their abuse, and survivors of abuse from others, as it can be a trigger.

  • Click here to access a copy on the Newshub website.

Grief interview for Bayleys Realty Group | as part of their Recovery programme during 2020's Covid-19 situation | Sep 2020

  • Amanda Wooding, National Training Manager – Bayleys Realty Group, interviewed me on the grief process associated with Covid-19, and the effect on individuals in Aotearoa, and around the globe.

  • We discussed:

    1. what types of grief people might be experiencing at the moment

    2. techniques & tips to help for individuals, colleagues and others

    3. what normal/natural grief looks and feels like

    4. how to deal with the uncertainty of an unknown timeline

  • The interview will be distributed to their staff nationally, to support them with current challenges as part of the global pandemic.

Tips for helping with anxiety | Espresso Tall Poppies magazine | Jul-Oct 2019

Kiwi actor Joe Naufahu's raw message to men on overcoming depression | 14 Jul 2019 |

How to help someone dealing with grief | 10 Jun 2019 |

Counsellors' Experiences of Transcendence | Nov 2017 | Peter James

  • Peter was an Auckland University Education & Social Work student. He interviewed me for his thesis on the effect of transcendent experiences on therapists.

Counsellor says Married at First Sight experience could affect some 'for years' | 12 Nov 2017 | NZ Herald

How are children affected by divorce? | Aug 2017 | Cam Loft

  • Cam was a Communications student at AUT. He interviewed me for an audio assignment about how children are affected by divorce. We discussed the implications on both parents and children, and what can make it worse and better for all parties.

NZ sport bodies need to offer more support to athletes | 6 Oct 2016 | NZ Herald

  • Responses to a prominent public figure behaving outside the societal norm in his relationship. Although I was misquoted slightly, the intention was to convey that it is possible to recover from these situations – they are not a fait accompli.

  • Click here to access a live copy on the NZ Herald website.

How old is too old to be a dad? | Sep 2015 | Radio New Zealand

How to get along with our ex | Aug 2015 | Lucky Break magazine

Take It From Us Radio Show | 5 May 2015 | Planet Audio

Why the world grieves the death of a stranger | 7 Dec 2014 | NZ Herald

  • Shock celebrity deaths fuel global wave of “mourning sickness”.

  • ...a global outpouring of grief is a relatively new concept, unfavourably dubbed "mourning sickness". New technology has proved a catalyst for this collective grief...

  • ..."The deaths of those we love remain a tragedy for the families concerned -- but they remain private unless one of those people is well known or there's some sort of atypical death. When you grieve as a collective, it draws you together and feelings of isolation may dissipate."

  • Click here to access a live copy on the NZ Herald website.

The generational effect of tragedy on a community | Oct 2014 | Makaila Houghton

  • Makaila was a first year Communications student at AUT. She interviewed me as part of her assignment on the depth of the effects of the Aramoana tragedy on multiple generations.

Home is the new flatting for stay-in-the-nest kids | 25 May 2014 | NZ Herald

Grief: a pain that will never end | 15 Sep 2012 | NZ Herald

Key issues that clients bring to counselling from a spiritual perspective | 15 Aug 2012 | Flora Chen

  • Flora was a third year psychology & education student at Auckland University. She interviewed me for an assignment about someone who provides counselling in the community.

Pike River bodies unable to be recovered | 31 May 2012 | Newstalk ZB

  • I was interviewed on my views regarding the families' inability to recover their loved ones' bodies from the collapsed Pike River mine, and part of it was played on the morning show.

  • The link was not made available on their website unfortunately.

Carterton begins healing after balloon tragedy | 11 Jan 2012 | NZ Herald

Ghost in the Machine | Aug 2011 | Next Magazine

  • An article on grief, and how people use online technology to manage grief in present times.

  • Click here to access.